Ken "Mongo" Warren
Assistant Chairman
  • Al "Dillon" Pappano

  • Members

    Purpose and Description

    1. The Board of Directors will consist of a panel of 8 Members and at no time will fall to less than 5 members. They will be appointed by the President, Vice President, Chairman and Assistant Chairman of the Board of Directors. Board Members will serve on a year-to-year basis not to exceed more than Three Years as a Board Member. The Chairman and Assistant Chairman of the Board will serve an unlimited term until he/she or the National Officer deems it necessary to replace him/her. The Board will meet on-line for the discussion of issues that CANNOT be resolved by the General Membership, First Officer, State Officer or the Regional Officer.
    2. Any Member has the right to address the Board for any grievance. Before any grievances are submitted please ensure the chain of command has been fully followed.  The proper chain of command is as follows:
      1. First Officer
      2. State Officer
      3. Regional Officer
    3. A grievance may be presented to the Board Of Directors from our On-Line Form HERE.
    4. All pertinent information must accompany the grievance. All grievances sent to the BOD for a review will be kept confidential and will not be released to the Public or the General Membership of the SCRC. The substance of the grievance will only be shared with the principals involved, the Board of Directors and National Officers. Any information and/or issues to be reviewed by the SCRC Board Of Directors will be done in Private. You can contact the Chairman of the Board by E-Mail at this address:
    5. Decisions of the SCRC Board of Directors are final, Subject to veto by the President of the SCRC.
    6. Any Board Member may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the remaining Board Members, SCRC President and Vice President.