SCRC Code of Conduct

  1. No Officer of the SCRC may hold a post as an Officer of another similar or competing Club/Organization. This would not include brand specific organizations such as, HRCA, HOG, VROC & etc. This does not prohibit dual membership, just multiple Officer positions.

  2. SCRC Officers and Members are responsible for maintaining the public image and perception of the club. No SCRC Officer or Member should make any statement, or commit any act, in any form of communication, that ridicules, denigrates, or otherwise portrays the Club itself or any of the members of the Club in a negative or unfavorable manner.

  3. NO SCRC Officer or Member will start up any kind of competing Club/Organization or sub group within the SCRC, or use the SCRC to recruit SCRC Members for any other similar group they may be a part of. Membership with competing Club/Organization is grounds for Membership Removal.

  4. Any offending Officer may be removed from his or her position as an Officer, or expelled from the club, or both. Any offending Member may have his or her membership terminated from the club.

  5. Complaints against any Officer or Member may be presented by any member, using the proper chain of command. (See below). All complaints against Regional Officers or State Officer will be reviewed by the National Officers.

  6. All complaints against 1st Officers or the General Membership will be reviewed by the Board Of Directors.

  7. The proper chain of command is as follows:

    1. Chapter 1st Officers
    2. State Officers
    3. Regional Officers
    4. National Officers

  8. A violation of the above articles will be reviewed by the officers of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. The accused may provide evidence on their behalf before a decision is made.

  9. For grievances, any member may appeal the decision, if he/she feels the decision is incorrect. All appeals will be made to the Board of Directors (BOD) at this address:

    All decisions involving the Members grievance will be final.