B.O.T. Chairman
Jim "Scout" Downey
SCRC Events Coordinator
Tammy "Candycane" Hyde

Nancy "MVB" Comley
Beth Fraley

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If your planning an Event in your area you will need to fill out the Event Application in order for it to be an Approved Southern Cruiser Event


The Board Of Trustees is to provide accountability and transparency within the SCRC fundraising operations and expense handling as befits an organization of our size. The SCRC has so many people working hard to do good work and make a positive contribution to our society that we want to prevent any implication or perception of wrongdoing from tarnishing those good efforts or the reputation of those involved.

  1. Structure
    1. Chairman - Unlimited term unless removed by National President.
    2. Event Committee Director - Unlimited term unless removed by the National Officers or BOT Chairman.
    3. Finance/Accounting Committee Director - Unlimited term unless removed by the National Officers or BOT Chairman.
    4. Insurance/Legal Committee Director - Unlimited term unless removed by the National Officers or BOT Chairman.
    5. Public Relations/Transparency Committee Director- Unlimited term unless removed by the National Officers or BOT Chairman.
    6. Committee Members - 2 year term unless removed by the National Officers or BOT Chairman.
  2. Purpose
    1. Chairman - Is responsible for overseeing the daily operation and is to seek out members of the SCRC to serve on the BOT. The BOT Chairman is to ensure that all policies and procedures are discussed and voted on by all members of the BOT before implementation. The BOT Chairman can initiate investigations regarding mishandling of funds, failure to cooperate with BOT request and actions that are disrespectful to members of the BOT members for performing their assigned duties.
    2. Event Committee - Is to ensure that all SCRC events have properly filled out the Event Application; To approve all event logos, pins, banners, patches and shirts as well as any homemade items using the SCRC or the Wing logo for auction items; To ensure that all events are insured properly with the St. Jude property damage policy when St. Jude is the beneficiary and to verify that every event obtains a 1 million dollar liability policy through Event Helper.com: To help with any questions and provide guidance to make SCRC events successful and to keep all State Officers in the loop pertaining to events applied for in their state.
    3. Finance/Accounting Committee - Maintain the SCRC Board of Trustees Bank Account - deposit funds as required, track where funds have come from/who, reconcile bank account and provide clear documentation of the account. This will include copies of receipts for club expenses that are paid (domain renewals, etc.) We will continually follow up on Domain renewals or any club expense to be sure they are paid in a timely manner. As events are approved, the committee will contact the POC, via email and introduce themselves and send the Accounting Spreadsheet (EXCEL and PDF formats). After the event is completed, we will again contact the POC, via email, to remind about the required Accounting Spreadsheets and re-attach them in the event they become misplaced. When the Accounting Spreadsheet is returned along with a copy of the check to the charity, we will double check the math, review the categories that are entered and ask questions as needed. If something looks unusual, we will contact the POC, via email, for additional information. After review of the Accounting Spreadsheet, we will forward the contribution amount to the PR Director, via email, to share with ALL SCRC members to toot the SCRC horn. If we do not receive the information within a few weeks of the event, I will continue to follow up with the POC, via email, for the event. We are ALWAYS available to assist with questions regarding the Accounting Spreadsheet.
    4. Insurance/Legal Committee - To seek out the best options regarding insurance coverage to protect the members of the SCRC during events. To provide legal advice when necessary.
    5. Public Relations/Transparency Committee - Main point of contact for general questions about the BOT. In conjunction with other BOT Directors, maintain current official statistics for communication to the SCRC Membership (i.e., year to date event proceeds totals, individual contributions, approved SCRC expenses, current totals of donations towards SCRC expenses, etc.) Assist other BOT Directors as required/requested. Maintain, with the BOT Chairman, the charter for the BOT, and publication of same to ensure SCRC membership understands the role of the BOT.
    6. Committee Members - To assist the committee director when necessary to ensure that each committee completes their assigned task. Committee members also provide another layer of transparency with their term limits.