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For More information Contact:
Bill Presley (Southern Cruisers Riding Club President)

Recommended prerequisites for Southern Cruisers Members
or New Applicants wishing to start a new Chapter as 1st Officer.

Although we put a great deal of effort into being known as a club of very few rules, restrictions and regulations we have found that there are certain requirements that should be met by anyone wishing to head up a chapter of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. It is not important to us to be the largest Motorcycle Riding Club in the country either in Member count or Chapter count. It is important that each and every member feels that they are part of a very special organization and that although it is not mandatory that they ride or meet with their fellow members, they know that the opportunity is always there. One of the main ingredients in creating a successful chapter with eager participation is Communication. Also, having a Chapter Website is another good way to help make the Chapter strong. It will be linked from Southern Cruisers National Website to the Chapter Link at the right hand side for everyone to see.

We have put together the following list of questions for you to answer privately and honestly to yourself. After you have gone through each of the questions, weigh the yes answers to the no answers. The more YES answers you have, the more likely you will have a successful chapter and feel rewarded with the experience of being a 1st Officer in the Southern Cruisers. The more NO answers does not immediately indicate that failure of the Chapter is eminent but can be an indicator that the going may be a little rough. The decision is ultimately left up to the Applicant interested in starting a new chapter or heading and existing chapter.

After you have weighed your answers, and if your not already a Member, you may decide to go back to the General Membership Application Page and join a existing chapter or contact the National Chapter Director about opening a Chapter There is no shame in making either decision. Otherwise, if you decide to proceed and become a 1st Officer in the Southern Cruisers Riding Club you may fill out the Application for a New Chapter. Please be aware that blanks on the Questionnaire marked with an "*" must be completed honestly. This will make it possible for National Officers and the Officers of other chapters to be able to communicate with you.

"SCRC Officers Code of Conduct"

(1) - No officer of the SCRC may hold a post as an officer of another similar or competing club/organization.( this would not include brand specific organizations such as HRCA, HOG, VROC & etc.) This does not prohibit dual membership. Just multiple officer posts.

(2) - SCRC Officers are responsible for maintaining the public image and perception of the club.
An SCRC officer should not publicly make any statements, in any form of communication ,or commit an act, that portrays the club, or its members in a negative or unfavorable manner.

(3) - An SCRC officer should not publicly make any statements ,in any form of communication, or commit an act, that ridicules, denigrates, or otherwise portrays any member in a negative or unfavorable manner.

(4) - An SCRC officer has a duty of loyalty to the SCRC, and fellow officers and members. An SCRC officer should not make any statement, or commit any act, which would cause his/her duty of loyalty to be called into question.

(5) - Those individuals applying to be a 1st Officer a chapter are required to purchase a club patch. Club patches are not required for the general membership but the 1st Officer of a chapter must have one.

(6) - The Club Patch and Name Southern Cruisers are Trademarked, Information can be located here at this link: Trademark .. The Logo and Name are protected by Trademark Laws and CAN NOT be Reproduced. Reproducing the SCRC Logo or Name or a reference to the SCRC will cause Legal Problems for you and for the Club. All we are asking of you is to help us guard our Club Patch and the Southern Cruisers Name.

(7) - The "Patch", as worn on the vest or jacket shall consist of the Winged Eagle worn on the upper half of the vest or jacket. No three-piece patches are permitted in the SCRC. No Member of the SCRC shall ever add the letters MC or wear the designation 1% on their vest, jacket or any other article of clothing while representing the SCRC. No Rockers or "Club Location Bars, CLB" should ever be worn with a City, State or any other markings that identifies a Territory on the back of the vest or jacket.

(8) - NO SCRC Officer or Member will ever start up any kind of competing Club/Organization or sub group within the SCRC, or use the SCRC to
recruit SCRC Members for any other similar group they may be a part of.

(9) - First Officers who resign from their positions for other than hardship reasons will have a 6 month waiting period before they can be considered for another Officer position in the Southern Cruisers. Hardship reasons consist of personal illness or that of a direct family member, death of a direct family member, relocation, temporary financial hardship or extreme time constraints placed on a member by employment, education or family. Officers that have resigned due to hardship will be able to regain an Officers position based on the Chapter's need and the Chapter Director's approval.

Officers that resign due to conflict of interests; or who have been negatively reviewed by the National Officers or the Board of Directors previously; or Officers that have been removed from their position for failing to follow the Club By-Laws or Officer Code of Conduct will not be allowed to hold an Officers position in the Southern Cruisers Riding Club again.

Any Member or Officer has the right to address the Board for any grievance, but the Chain of Command should be followed in this order:
1st) - First Officer
2nd) - State Officer
3rd) - Regional Officer
4th) - National Officers

A violation of the above articles will be reviewed by the Board Of Directors, or the National Officers. The accused will be afforded the right to address the Board Of Directors before a decision is made.. An offending officer may be removed from his position, or expelled from the club. Complaints on any 1st or 2nd officer or someone in the General Membership may be presented to the Board Of Directors by any member. Complaints placed on the Board Of Directors, State Officers, Regional Officers or the National Officers will be reviewed by the National Officers, along with the National President and the National Vise President of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club.

Can You Be A Officer Of The Southern Cruisers:

1) - I have an hour of free time that I can devote to club matters at least three days a week? This free time may be used to e-mail, write or call current members of my chapter, plan rides or communicating with the National Officers. Also the 1st-Officer will now be making the Membership Cards for his Chapter. Can you or can you have someone make these Cards for you.

2) - Do I own a personal computer or have unlimited access to one at work? A 1st Officer that can maintain consistent contact with other chapters and National Officers and receive e-mail updates of our club roster and other event information has the upper edge. Web TV is good but can be limiting to the size of the e-mails you can receive or the ability to print rosters and other items.

3) - Do I live in an area that has a good amount of fair riding weather? This will give your chapter a better chance of being recognized on the road and build membership.

4) - I am a patient person? I won't be severely disappointed if a ride falls apart, no one can show due to other obligations or you don't receive responses from my members in a timely manner.

5) - Do I own a dependable Motorcycle? Nothing is more disappointing that planning a ride and you can't make it due to a broken down ride.

6) - Do I live in an area where Motorcycling is popular and there are a fair amount of Motorcyclists? Starting a chapter in an area where you may not see a bike owner for 40 miles is not likely to be successful. There should be a Motorcyclist population of fair size in a chapters area to draw members from.

7) - Do I keep up to date on the latest Motorcycle Safety and Maintenance issues? Having the latest information for yourself or to pass on to your members gives them something else to look forward to.

8) - Am I the kind of person that other folks like to be around? We know, this is pretty personal but hey, if folks don't like you, they won't join you.

9) - Chapter 1st - Officers will now wear the Club Patch. If you are involved enough to be 1st-Officer, then this should not be a problem. Similarly, I believe it is incumbent on the Chapter Officers to set an example; the wearing of the Club Patch being only one way of doing so.

10) - New Chapters will have to be Approved. If you would like to start a New Chapter, contact Bill Presley, Our National President And Chapter Director Bill Presley, State Officer And Regional Officers of your area will now approve all New Chapters.



Everyone needs to read both pages, Officers and Members. Both Pages contain Very Important Information.

OK, that should be enough for you to make a decision. Again, it is up to you. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to see you soon, one way or another, on a ride with the Southern Cruisers Riding Club.

General Membership Application / Application For A New Chapter

New 1st-Officers, Order the Club Patch Here